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I started taking notes for myself so I didn’t loose important and cool webdesign and graphic design websites, resources, etc. It is so hard to keep up with all the SEO changes, website design style ideas, not to mention the many cool effects that people post about webdesigns. If you found this page, great! Enjoy!

Please leave a review

Thank you very much for filling out the survey! There is always space for improvement for me to help my clients better! You clicked in the survey that you would be happy to leave a review for me, so here are the links to share your experience. I really appreciate you...

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Favicon for your website? What is it?

Have you heard about the Favicon in term of website design but you have no clue what that is? If you are like me who likes to have many tabs open in a browser, favicons are our best pals to find the right tab to click on. Favicons are 16 x 16 pixel small icons that...

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Who are the best clients for your business?

When I start a website development, I ask my clients a lot of question. One is to describe their target audience or best clients.  Surprisingly many businesses do not have a clear sense of who will buy their products or services. I might hear a random response such...

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Local SEO for small businesses

Are you a small business owner? Do you know how much business do you get thru your website? Maybe none? Why? Probably you are not visible for your local clients. Having a website and do nothing with it doesn't help you much. There is a list of websites where you can...

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What is One Time SEO?

I like to launch websites. That is the final goal of creating websites to make them visible for the public and let them work for the business which paid for it. I also offer One Time SEO service for companies working with me. I get the question all the time, if that...

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Resources for website analytics

There are a couple of ways to measure how your website is ranked by Google. I would like to help you to measure your own website rank, so there are some tools for you to use! PageRank Google algorithm gives a numeric value to each website measuring it popularity among...

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5 Website Essentials

Is your website making the grade? As a Website Designer, I’ve evaluated number of websites and while no two websites are exactly alike, there are a number of recurring website errors. I’d like to share with you the 5 most common website mistakes. 1. MOBILE...

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Lorem Ipsum is boring…

I don't know how long Lorem Ipsum is around, but I have been using it for about 7-8 years. What is Lorem Ipsum? 🙂 If you are not a designer either web designer or graphic designer, you might heard about it for the first and last time. You don't need to know it....

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Mockup generators

Time is money. As a web designer I create mockups for finished websites or logos. ( There is my latest post with links to graphic design mockup generators). With these tools I can show my web design clients how their website looks like on different devices. Until know...

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Treasures are here

Sometime just surfing along the web I find treasures that are very useful and time-savers, when working on a project. Graphic design is time consuming and not just to find the creative idea and make it to a great visual, but also how to present, sell it to the client...

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Listing your website on web directories

Remember when you had to find a phone book and flip through hundreds of pages in order to find a local business? The use of YP has declined over drastically in the last ten years. People now use Google, Bing or Yahoo to find a business they need.  Therefore it’s vital...

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